Are you ready to own your birth story?

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Stop giving power to the people and circumstances that made your birth traumatic.
Let me guide you through releasing your story into a container that will allow you to grow and heal.

Own Your Birth Story

Healing Writing Circle

Join me for a live 2-hour virtual seminar to guide you, gently, through a healing birth story writing process and take this step towards your healing.

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Who is Ayelet, what is Birthing Our Stories, and why should I trust her?
I'm glad you asked!

I have been where you are!
My own third birth left me feeling abandoned, powerless, neglected, and ashamed.
I felt disconnected from my baby and my husband, from other women and from my community of doulas, because I believed that I shouldn’t have let this happen, I should have known better.

It took me until well into my 4th pregnancy to be able to write down the story of Yitzchak’s birth.
I couldn’t think about it without crying, without anger and frustration at how I was treated and my own uselessness.
And I felt guilty that I had written birth stories for my older two, how would my son feel if I couldn’t even tell his story?

I knew I needed to release it, I needed to process it so that it would stop affecting me so deeply.

My healing process included writing my story down and it led me to creating the Birthing Our Stories workshops which I’ve been running for over 7 years.

I am also a trained EFT practitioner, which is a powerful healing technique that was also part of how I processed my birth trauma 11 years ago.

In my work as a doula, I have helped hundreds of birth-givers and their partners to have healthy, positive, powerful births - with a focus on supporting couples with previous trauma.

I’m here to guide you on this healing voyage, and I’m going to be here right behind you every step of the way.

You deserve this! Your family deserves to have your whole, present self.
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