Many women feel guilt, sadness, a sense of failure about their birth experience - if that's you, then you know it can also cause you to feel triggered, stressed, panicky, or powerless in all kinds of situations.

What if you could take back your power in under 2 minutes?

This is my gift to you, download your "Trigger Response Formulaā€¯

  • Learn this simple 5-step formula that you can do in any situation that you feel triggered
  • Get back in control of your emotions and stop giving power to your trauma
  • Learn how to access your inner power when you're feeling overwhelmed by old emotions

What is included with the guide?

  • 2 Fillable worksheets to teach you the formula and guide you through some simple exercises to make it your own
  • A pocket guide that you can print out and keep with you or hang in a place you'll see it when you need it
  • Guidance on what you can do next to continue on your healing journey

Hi, I'm Ayelet

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and triggered when anything birth related comes up - especially when you're used to being in control.

I have been there.
My third birth was off the rails, totally not what I'd planned or wanted, and I was feeling broken, ashamed, and, as a doula, I felt I should have known better.

I wondered if I could even support other women after what I "allowed" to happen - not listening to my intuition, etc... After getting pregnant again, a little sooner than expected, I needed to work through all that - and quick!

My fourth birth was such a healing and transformative experience, Thank God.

Soon after that, I realized that birth work was in my soul and I needed to keep supporting mothers.

Interestingly, when I would mention that I'm a doula, women would just start pouring out their birth stories to me - it felt like they were exploding with something they hadn't been able to share with others.

That's how I created the Birthing Our Stories workshop, as a space for people to release and share their stories, to be heard, and to heal.

And that's what I want for you.  Please take this super powerful little gift and share how it helps!